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Get Sass Fit -
Your online Pilates &
Group Fitness Studio.

Leading the way to strong, sexy bodies

At Sass, we are super passionate about supporting you to experience the benefits of regular (sass-filled) exercise.  


From losing weight and maintaining weight-loss, to improved mood and state of being, to feeling more energised, stronger, leaner, toner, all the way to just generally feeling good - the benefits really are endless.

Founded by Brooke Lo Giudice in 2020, Get Sass Fit (formerly Sass Group Fitness) hit the online exercise market with a bang - with clients instantly feeling the benefits of the sass-filled workouts.

Brooke's effervescent presence, coupled with her deep love and care for people has been relished by her clients and many (if not all!) have experienced the power and magic that Sass offers.  

As anyone that has attended a class with Brooke will tell you - a Sass class is so much more than just a great workout!  Each class offers you the opportunity to bust out more of your innate sexiness & sass and enjoy feeling the confidence that comes from that.

We're here to support you to have it all.  That deep settled feeling of knowing who you are, the confidence to back yourself in life and all it throws at you, that strut down the street because you know you're 'all that' - and a body that reflects that on the outside.

If you're ready to strut your stuff, join the Sass-Squad today.

What we offer:

As a member of our on-demand classes and programs, you receive: 

  • Workouts that will make you sweat, change your shape, continuously build strength, fitness, stability, mobility and tone and leave you feeling clear, energised and ready to take on the world.

  • Strong and progressive workouts that  constantly challenge you but do not leave you feeling 'smashed'.  

  • Workouts that support you to move and express your innate sexiness

  • Regular emails with health, wellbeing, fitness & lifestyle tips.

  • A big dose of sass, every time you work out.

Are you ready for it? 

We're ready when you are. 


The Sass Factor

There's something a little bit magical about Sass classes.  

Brooke's natural way with people and her flair for delivering heart-pumping, muscle burning classes is coupled with a whole lot of sass, sexiness & a huge love of people.

It's kind of infectious... & what this results in is clients feeling sexy, sassy & confident - from the inside out... with bodies on the outer to match it. 

We all need to exercise - so why not do it with Sass?

The Sass Advantage

At Get Sass Fit, we make the commitment to exercise easier by offering an extensive collection of sassy, fun, on-demand workouts. 

Our online space is totally supportive and the energetic quality that the classes are delivered in offers you the space to just be you, work out at your own pace and not have any pressure to 'keep up' with anyone as well as supporting true movement in the body.  You'll be inspired and encouraged to express yourself more freely and move with presence and focus.

Committing to a regular, consistent exercise routine is literally one of the most supportive things that we can do for ourselves.  If you're struggling to commit to a regular routine, not enjoying your current exercise program or inspired to bring more to your workouts - try a Sass class today.

About Brooke

Brooke is the Founder and Lead Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor of Sass Group Fitness and personifies everything it represents.

Brooke has worked in the health & well-being industry for over 14 years in a variety of roles and capacities.  From Personal Training, to coaching running groups, to mums & bubs classes, to counselling clients, offering health coaching, all the way through to managing various Fitness College's and teaching others how to become Personal Trainers - Brooke's experience is rich and her passion for supporting others even richer.

Brooke is known for her sass, her killer glute workouts and the care and quality she brings to her clients.

Brooke is dedicated to supporting women and men connect to their innate sass, sexiness and confidence and express that in all facets of their life.

You can read more about Brooke and all she gets up to over at her personal website here.

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