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Get Sass Fit - 

Your Partner in Corporate Wellbeing

Prioritising workplace wellbeing makes good business sense.  

Boost staff morale, improve workplace culture & increase staff retention.


Employees who are healthy, have a positive mind-set and are supported by their employers feel appreciated, committed to work and perform at their best. On the contrary, employees who are stressed and burnt out lack focus, commitment and job satisfaction. 

Our Corporate Wellbeing program is designed to improve the overall wellbeing of your team to ensure that they are performing at their best - and in turn ensure that your company is performing at it's peak. 


74% of workers believe wellbeing programs are worth the time and money.


Australian workers who are stressed (extremely/very) about their work are 2.5 times more likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months than workers who are not at all stressed about work (73% cf. 28%).


Providing access to regular fitness classes at work can result in a 40% increase in work ability and productivity 


66% of employees believe employers should provide physical activity opportunities to employees to foster wellbeing in the workplace


Almost half of Australian workers will look for a new job in the next 12 months (48%)


Australian workers are most likely to be stressed about finances (75%), work (73%), and health and fitness (61%)


Two in five Australian workers (42%) see employee wellbeing programs as important when job searching.

85% of workers believe employers should create an environment that proactively addresses stress in the workplace.

Almost three-quarters of workers with a wellbeing program in their workplace (72%) believe their wellbeing is taken into consideration compared to one in three (30%) workers who do not have a workplace wellbeing program.

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Get Sass-Fit - your partner in Corporate Health.

Build a workplace wellbeing culture.

Our Corporate wellbeing programs incorporate wellbeing education resources, a library of fitness programs and meditations, access to counselling services and a weekly email with self-care/wellbeing guidance to support improving your staff's overall health & wellbeing. 
Healthy workplaces are good for your employees and your business.  


Investing in your staff is Investing In your Business.

Our Corporate Wellbeing packages are designed to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff, increase staff morale and reduce staff absenteeism. 

Combining our online Pilates & Fitness classes, meditation, self-care and wellbeing education - our package covers the fundamental aspects of health.

We also have optional extras to choose from, including Wellbeing presentations and access to our counselling services.  

Our fitness & Pilates classes ensure good physical health and workouts that boost mood & confidence and get the endorphins flowing.

Our meditation classes support clarity, focus and can improve mental health. 


& our weekly emails/videos provide you with ongoing support and guidance to keep you thinking about you and your wellbeing.


Wellbeing is a daily practice

Our extensive library of Pilates & fitness videos, combined with our simple, short meditations and our bite-size wellbeing presentations make it super simple to build these practices into your daily rhythm. The variety of classes, meditation & presentations give you the option to choose which wellbeing practice you feel like on any particular day.

What's included?

When you sign up for our Corporate Wellbeing Package your staff will get access to:

  • Unlimited access to our Get-Sass Fit On-Demand platform

  • Access to a variety of meditation audios to support mental health, clarity & focus

  • Weekly self-care and 'wellbeing at work' emails/videos to encourage daily wellbeing practices as well as a culture of wellbeing in the workplace

  • Team challenges to create cohesiveness and engagement and boost staff morale

  • Regular emails with fitness & nutrition tips, along with nutritious recipes

  • Access to a Facebook group exclusive to your organisation

Optional Extras:

  • Workshops and presentations in your workplace (wellbeing, team culture, team building)

  • Option for staff to have access to our counselling services on a 'pay as needed' basis

  • Attendance at our LIVE timetabled fitness & Pilates classes OR personalised classes for your organisation


"Working out with Brooke is unlike any other work out I've done.  I love how simple she makes each class.  There is no music, no loud instructor and no emphasis on getting the perfect body.  It's just about moving the whole body in the correct positions and sweating like crazy.

On top of all of this, she is just a super gorgeous and fun person that makes sweating and working your butt off really flipping awesome!  I actually get excited whenever I'm about to start a class."

- Cornelia, Barista & Psychology Student
Brisbane, QLD

Ready to get your Corporate Wellbeing game on?

Create the shift your workplace needs today. Sign up for our Corporate Wellbeing Package & enjoy the benefits of a healthy, cohesive team.

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