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Get Sass Fit
Frequently Asked Questions

Which Subscription/Program is for me?

What can I expect in a work-out?

How long are the classes?

Do I need to be fit to begin?

What will I need?

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

I'm signed up for the On-Demand Platform, how do I join a program?


LIVE Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend live?

When are the live classes held?

What if I miss a live class?

Is every class the same?

I still have questions, where can I find out more?


You, like many others before you!, have the opportunity to feel: 

  • Sexy - from the inside out

  • Confident, sassy & free to be yourself

  • Fit, strong and toned

  • A sense of fun in your life

  • Connected to your gorgeousness

  • Steady in your day

  • Consistency with your exercise regime - with no excuses!

  • A spring in your step

  • Nurtured & loved

Experience the Sass difference today.

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