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Get Sass Fit - 
Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Support with body-image, self esteem and achieving your health & wellbeing goals.

At Sass, we don't just stop at world-class workouts. We understand that achieving your health & wellbeing goals requires dedicated support and a multi-pronged approach.

Our Health Coaching services provide that extra level of support when you need it. Together we will work to move through any blocks or barriers in the way of you achieving your health & wellbeing goals. 

Our Health Coaching services are here to provide you with a more tailored, focused level of support  - so that you can restore your body to it's natural vibrant & vital state.

We want you to feel vital, well, confident and settled in your skin. We want you to have the skills and resources to manage life's challenges without compromising your-self or your wellbeing.

We want you to feel connected to your essence, connected to your life-purpose and supported to live it.


Receive support and guidance to restore true vitality to your body.


Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Our Health & Wellbeing Coaching services are designed to support you achieve your health and well-being goals. Together we will get underneath and address any of the roadblocks currently in the way of you achieving your health & wellbeing goals. 


We will explore all areas of your wellbeing, including your physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing, social health, work & lifestyle as well as your soul-full health. We will identify areas that need refining &/or development as well as support you to establish supportive, nurturing rhythms and rituals that together, build true health and vitality. 

The reality is, many of us know we need to self-care, exercise and eat nutritious foods - but for many, no many how many attempts you may have made, you just can't seem to make anything stick. Health-coaching uses a multi-pronged approach to uncover and debunk the roadblocks so that you can unleash your full self.

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