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The future of health & fitness is here

Online Pilates and Fitness Classes: Join in the live classes or tune in via Get Sass-Fit - our on-demand platform where you can work out anytime, anywhere. Get exclusive access to wellness tips and advice. Join the Sass Community.

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LIVE Classes

On-Demand Classes

Feel sexy, sassy & confident in your skin

At Sass, we offer world-class workouts that tone and shape your body, support weight-loss, as well as increase your strength, endurance, mobility and core-stability.


Our unique training methods and our holistic approach to health & wellbeing will support you to achieve your health, weight-loss & wellbeing goals.  We are deeply passionate about supporting you to live healthy, wholesome successful lives.

We offer a super nurturing, non-judgemental space where you can come as you are, from completely-unfit to super-fit, from overweight to underweight or anywhere in-between - and we will support you to your next step.   

Video of Brooke introducing Sass.

At Sass, you are offered the full package. 

We offer word-class workouts that:

When you undertake training with Sass you are offered the opportunity to revolutionise your relationship with exercise and how you feel in and about your body.  Sass is no regular online platform and our workouts are no ordinary workouts.  Our workouts are infused with sass, sexiness and a whole lotta love - because, why would you want to feel anything less than that from your Trainer?!  They support you to express more of you, connect to your essence and live more joyfully. 

Our workouts are also designed to support you to develop conscious presence.

Why?  Because conscious-presence connects you to your body, encourages a deeper connection with yourself and supports you to feel steady, clearer and more able to take on all that life throws at you. 

We offer world-class workouts that

  • Shape your body, tone muscles & aid weight-loss

  • Support you to develop conscious-presence

  • Connect you to your innate sexiness & sass 

  • All the feel-goods to take into your day

  • Develop steadiness and confidence in how you move

You also get your own personal cheerleader. 

100% love and support - all the way. 

How to Join the Sass Experience:

What Sass is for Me?

Connect in with a class

Looking for a regular live class and the inspiration that comes with working out with a global community?

Sign up for ..... or a combo of

Looking to do solo exercise at your own pace?

Sign up for On-demand Videos with a Get Sass Fit subscription

Re-ignite and get inspired

Want to kick start your fitness journey or looking to re-ignite your love of movement?

Join the 6 Week Spectacular

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