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Get Sass Fit - 

On Demand

Welcome to your
one stop fitness portal. 

This is Get-Sass Fit, our online,
on-demand Pilates & Fitness studio.

Access a growing library of world-class workouts designed to shape your body, build strength, tone, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.  We have classes suitable for all fitness levels and all weight-loss and fitness goals.

Select from a full library of Pilates & Fitness classes, with new classes being added weekly! 

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Anywhere. Anytime.

World-class workouts for every body

Our on-demand platforms offers a wide range of class types, durations and styles so whether you are completely new to fitness or super-fit, there is a class for you.
Revolutionise your relationship with exercise and sign up to Get Sass Fit today. 


Workout anywhere, anytime.
Our on-demand platform lets you hit play whenever it suits your schedule and our range of classes offers a class to suit your every mood. 
Wind down and prepare for bed with our Stretch, Connect & Core classes or set yourself up for a stellar day with our Strong & Sassy classes. Strengthen, lengthen and tone your body with one of our Pilates classes or get the heart rate pumping with a bit of Cardio Cutie. The potential is endless!


Fresh Sass delivered weekly

We like to keep things fresh! New workouts are added to the platform every week meaning you will never be bored.

No work out is ever the same, but your favourites are always there for you to turn to whenever you feel like a re-run.

What's included?

When you sign up for our on-demand classes you get way more than you bargained for.  Your unlimited, all-access pass to our on-demand platform includes:

  • A full library of classes, delivered to your device

  • Regular emails with fitness & nutrition tips

  • Regular challenges, inclusive of workout plans

  • Access to our Members Only Facebook group

  • A cheerleader in your pocket


"Working out with Brooke is unlike any other work out I've done.  I love how simple she makes each class.  There is no music, no loud instructor and no emphasis on getting the perfect body.  It's just about moving the whole body in the correct positions and sweating like crazy.

On top of all of this, she is just a super gorgeous and fun person that makes sweating and working your butt off really flipping awesome!  I actually get excited whenever I'm about to start a class."

- Cornelia, Barista & Psychology Student
Brisbane, QLD

Ready to get your Sass on?

Your ticket to feeling sexy, sassy and confident in your skin is just a few clicks away.

Sign up for your 7 Day Free Trial today. 

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